Our pricing guide will give you an idea of what to expect within your request quote. 


Price Per Laser Minute

  • All quotes are priced per laser minute, which is the standard form on laser works, plus the cost of material.
  • The laser minute is how long a laser takes to fully complete your task at the optimal speed and frequency. Keep in mind that this time varies depending on how large your design is, and how large the glass is that is being engraved.
  • The price per laser minute will change with the quantity requested, however it follows a general scales as such:
    • Sample: $1/laser minute
    • Qty 2-6: $.80/laser minute
    • Qty 7-12: $.75/laser minute
    • Qty 13-24: $.60/laser minute
    • Qty >24: $.50/laser minute
  • The amount of time your glass will take will depend on the area covered. Most logos (3"x3" or 75cm x 75cm) will take about 20 laser minutes. An accurate time will be given to you on the quote.

Design Fee

  • All engravings must be made in vector templates.
  • Most of the work we do is made by making templates by hand using digital software like Adobe Illustrator. There is not a button you can press to make a vector out of an existing image that will turn out looking exactly how you want it to unless it is a very clear, black and white logo. 
  • If vectors are needed in order to complete your job, you will be quoted a rate of $30/hr to render your logo or work into vector. If a logo can be pulled easily from the image you provide, you will be charged a flat fee of $10. However if the logo or other work must be hand rendered, the fee applies.
  • If vectors are provided but do not meet criteria, you will be asked to correct them or you will be charged for the time to change them to be appropriate.
  • If you wish to render the vectors yourself and send them in, you will be provided with guidelines for your work.
  • Any vectors created by ClinksDrinks remain property of ClinksDrinks. However, they will not be used for any other purpose than your order. You retain full copyright of all designs rendered. 
  • You will be reimbursed the design fee if you order an initial quantity of 24 or more.

Shipping Information

  • Samples are shipped via USPS Priority Mail only via a flat rate box that will fit your samples.
  • All orders are shipped via UPS ground. You will be charged the shipping and handling fee for your items, which include insurance against any losses or damages. 
  • Large orders will be grouped in as few of shipments as possible. Please be aware that some of the boxes may weigh upwards of 50lbs or 25kg. 
  • You can request a signature-only drop off, but please note that any additional shipping charges due to returned packaging (if it occurs) will be billed to you.
  • We also offer in-town drop off if you are located in or around Charlotte, NC. For a much smaller fee than shipping through a commercial carrier, we will deliver your order directly to your business.

Sample prices

  • We recommend you get samples before you start a large order.
  • Sample prices include a design fee unless vectors are provided.
  • Samples are charged per laser minute, and the design fee is applied if necessary.
  • If you get a sample and follow through with an order of a minimum quantity of 6 glasses (not including the sample), you will be reimbursed the amount of the sample minus the PPU (Price Per Unit) of your quoted order. 
  • Samples are shipped via USPS Priority Mail only.

Delivery Estimates

  • All delivery estimates are based upon the existing order queue, as well as an accurate timetable of the completion of your order. 
  • Your quote will only give you the amount of time to complete your order. The time estimate is subject to change depending on how many orders are already in queue. You will be given the delivery estimate (in days) on your quote, but this is subject to change and thus cannot be guaranteed until your order is placed.
  • Orders needed by a certain date are subject to additional fees if they are beyond the time estimate.
  • Orders are liable to a one week delay only. If any other delay occurs, you will receive a partial refund of your order equivocal to $10/day. 
  • If there will be a delay outside of any human control, you (the buyer) will be notified immediately and either be given an updated time estimate or a refund on your full order if it has not been started. These delays are limited to extenuating circumstances (hospitalization, a death in the family, etc.).

Glass Currently Available

  • All glass must be tempered, restaurant quality glass. You can view a product catalog here.
  • When you request a quote, you may stipulate which glass you would like to use or denote the size and style of glass you desire (i.e, a 16oz pint, or a 2oz shot). Please note that not all glass will work in a laser, and most with a harsh curve will not work. Lasers work optimally with cylindrical glass.
  • If you choose to only denote the size and style of the glass, you will be sent multiple options from which to choose from.
  • No colored glass is currently available, and no colored glass will be authorized if it contains combustible chemicals.

Wholesale Discounts

  • Discounts will only be given out on a per-request basis. Generally, orders of $400 or more will be subject to additional discounting over the price per minute reductions.

Glass Care

  • Please visit our guide for care of your glass here. In general, all of our glass is restaurant-grade and thus dishwasher safe.