Care Information for Engraved Glass


Caring for laser engraved glass is extremely easy. All material used is tempered, restaurant grade glass, meaning that it can withstand heavy heat, dish-washing, and frigid liquids. Here are some general care tips on how to keep your glasses looking pristine:

  • Engraving does not, in any way, compromise the structural integrity of the glass. 
  • Please note that all engraving is done on the outside of the glass. As such, they must be washed often to remove oil and debris.
  • Always dish wash your glasses after use, do not only hand wash. Engraving consists of very small blasted facets which trap many things, including dust and hand oils. Hand washing alone will not always clean the facets but a dishwasher will. Dishwashers use high heat and quick cleaning methods that will make your glasses brilliant again. 
  • If you do wish to hand wash your glasses, or if you have customers buy your glass that only hand wash, utilize a Brillo pad or the green side of a Scotch sponge and hot water in order to clean the engraving correctly.
  • When you receive your glass, none of them will have been washed. If you rub your finger over the engraving, you will feel grit and small particles. You can sell them as-is and advise your customer to wash them, or you can wash them beforehand. After one wash, the engraving will become silky smooth but just as white as before (if not more so).
  • If you wish to have your glasses washed before arrival, please state that in your request quote. However this is not recommended, as while traveling the glasses may become dirty again and require another wash.